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Our Fall Gathering - 27 October 2018 (PDF)

Our Fall Gathering - 28 October 2017 (PDF)

An Opportunity For Ministry (PDF)
Port Williams United Baptist Church is seeking a senior pastor for their village church in the heart of the beautiful Annapolis Valley. For more information click on this link.

An Opportunity For Ministry (PDF)

First Baptist Church Halifax is seeking a full-time Senior Minister to enable the ongoing individual and collective spiritual development and growth of our church community.Grounded in Baptist principles, First Baptist Church Halifax is an inclusive and ecumenical community of believers in Jesus Christ committed to proclaim God's mission of love by word and deed. The Senior Minister is a Christ-centered spiritual leader who draws upon a deep personal faith and experience to lead, engage and guide us in discerning a shared sense of God's purpose and direction. This Minister will enable us to discover, grow and focus our gifts in response to God's call for meaningful action and Christian mission in our Congregation and beyond. For more information on this opportunity, please click on this link Senior Minister or contact Sheila Stanley at [email protected].

First Baptist Church, Brantford documents relating to the Constating Documents

Letter from FBC Brantford to BCOQ Board, 6 November 2005

FBC Brantford challenges BCOQ process, 4 January 2006

Response from BCOQ to FBC Brantford 17 February 2006

Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec


Gathering of Pastors and Laypersons response.

Cam Watts, Pastor

Barbara Bishop, Pastor

Ken Bellous, Executive Minister, BCOQ

Clare Braun, Pastor

Fred Demaray, Pastor

Gary Caldwell (Response to BCOQ Bylaw Draft 26 September 2003)

Selkirk Baptist Church responds

Ray Hobbs - a reflection on the directive

MacNeill Baptist Church responds unanimously

Open Letter to Churches from the Gathering of Baptists Steering Committee

"Incorporation" Document outlining advantages and disadvantages

SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation):
Evelyn Dickinson of White Cove NS, sued by US Global Quarry Products over comments made in local paper.

Roger Cann - Eastern Canada Correspondent for The Gathering of Baptists reports:

No SLAPP Dunk! NOTICE: Public Information Session

Partnership for the Sustainable Development of Digby Neck & Islands Society 2003-11-28


Draft Agreement Released for Public Comment Environment and Labour - August 11, 2003 (Government of Nova Scotia)

HUMAN RIGHTS COMM'N. - DIGBY NECK QUARRY: OPPONENTS - PROTECT - Nova Scotia Legislature Hansard, Thursday 23 October 2003

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